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Why Campus Recruitment Training?

Getting a good job in a reputed organization is a dream for most students of Engineering. Today, there are lots of opportunities for good and qualified engineers. A large number of these opportunities are in the rapidly growing IT sector. Top companies such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro and CTS recruit thousands of fresh engineers every year and are using rigorous selection processes to shortlist suitable candidates from the large pool of applicants. With more engineers passing out of engineering colleges across India every year, competition for these jobs is also increasing. In addition, every student hopes to get the best possible job for his/her capabilities and knowledge. This is possible only if the student performs well in the selection process adopted by the company he/she aspires to join. Companies today use a few standard techniques to evaluate candidates. These include written aptitude tests, Psychometric Tests, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. A thorough preparation is the best way to ensure a good performance in these selection processes and thus get a good job. We train the students on a variety of areas to ensure that they are adequately prepared to handle the tests conducted by various companies. We also train them on soft skills, resume preparation, Group Discussion, Personal Interview and frequently asked questions in an Interview. This will help to student to cross each of the various levels that companies conduct.

There are three types of Campus Placement program

Close-Campus Drives:

In Close-Campus placement drives, companies visit colleges to select final year students and selection depends upon a student's ability to work-hark, his technical capabilities and his focus.

Open-Campus Drives

In Open-Campus placement drives, companies visit in particular college & other college’s final year students participate for placement drive and selection depends upon a student's ability to work-hark, his technical capabilities and his focus.

Off-Campus Placement Drives

In Off Campus placement drives, recruitment is conducted at a common place that may be a particular college or a public place where students from different colleges assemble and take part in the various stages of the campus placement drive. A number of these drives are advertised as 'Job Fairs'.

The criteria adopted for selection by most companies are variable in nature, and companies’ award varying marks to different criteria. A number of companies place importance on the academic performance of the candidate, and place requirements for minimum marks.
Most of the companies conduct a written test. This is generally an aptitude test which has questions on mathematics, English & reasoning. Some companies also have technical questions in the test. Most companies conduct interview round for those candidates who qualify minimum academic performance criterion & perform in written test. Interview round may have combined or separate HR & technical interviews. Few companies in addition to this also conduct personality or psychometric test. Some companies also conduct GD as an elimination round or in addition to Interview.