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Campus Recruitment Training: Engineering Colleges

Getting a good job in a reputed organization is a dream for most students of Engineering. Today, there are lots of opportunities for good and qualified engineers. A large number of these opportunities are in the rapidly growing IT sector. Top companies such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro and CTS recruit thousands of fresh engineers every year and are using rigorous selection processes to shortlist suitable candidates from the large pool of applicants. With more engineers passing out of engineering colleges across India every year, competition for these jobs is also increasing. In addition, every student hopes to get the best possible job for his/her capabilities and knowledge. This is possible only if the student performs well in the selection process adopted by the company he/she aspires to join. Companies today use a few standard techniques to evaluate candidates. These include written aptitude tests, Psychometric Tests, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. Gone are the days when campus recruitment training was an optional decision. Today, in any college, the question is NOT whether campus recruitment training must be conducted but rather WHO SHOULD BE CONDUCTING IT.

And this is where Vikalp comes in because as PIONEERS and LEADERS in the field, Vikalp has trained over 20000+ students in over 50+ colleges across the country.